Here's Why I Decided To Give Birth On A School Bus

During the summer of 2016, my husband Seamus and I bought ten acres of land in the hills of Ohio. The property was nestled between two hillsides, and natural springs ran into a field of wildflowers; some nights, the rich purple and golden tones seemed to be a mirror image of the setting sun. It was a raw, untouched place. There were no man-made structures, no well or septic system, no real driveway, and no electricity.

My husband Seamus and I had always dreamed of taming the land and turning it into a simple homestead. This place was our first real home together, where we dreamed of growing our family. Often, we drifted off to sleep while picturing little children playing in the pond during the summer heat, or imagining family dinners gathered around the wood stove....

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