Because of Amy's gentle persistence and knowledge, I was able
to get help and enjoy a beautiful breastfeeding relationship with my baby. If I had not had Amy checking in on
me during this vulnerable time, I truly believe I would've sunk into a depression and stopped breastfeeding. 


Caroline C.

The WellRounded Midwifery offers complete midwifery care for low risk moms. 


You will be offered a free one hour consultation initially to allow time to meet each other, ask questions, and see if we are a good fit. If you decide to work with us, we begin prenatal care at approximately 10-12 weeks.


Our appointments are an hour long each month until your 8th month when we see you twice and then every week until you give birth to your baby. During those hour appointments, we spend about 10 minutes on the clinical side of things and the rest of the time talking about various things related to your experience. Kids often love to “help” us do prenatal care and we absolutely encourage it!  


We provide 2 in home postpartum check ups in the first week and then as frequent as necessary after that finishing up about 6 weeks. Unique to most care providers, your midwife comes to your home for your monthly prenatal care visits. We finish each visit ends with an essential belly oil massage using oils from Doterra.  

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